Earth’s Most Powerful Soldiers Fight the Spiral Zone!

Check it.

You might note 80% of those TV episode reviews are written by yours truly. Anyway, on to Spiral Zone.

The year is 1987. In the fall leading up to Christmas, a new series came on around 6:30 in the morning, and apparently I was the only one who watched it, ever. Here’s the basic idea:

James Bent, a NASA scientist, developed the technology to control minds by a generator that produces a zone of dense fog and bacteria that render everyone within zombies controlled by him. The only way to avoid this is to undergo the Black Widow process, which leaves hideous red scars on one’s face and body. When the US and USSR reject him, he hijacks a space shuttle and spreads his pods across the earth before being shot down – leaving a spiral shaped zone across the world in which Bent (now transformed into the deformed Overlord) recruits his Black Widows from terrorists and converts them.

The UN government organizes Mission Command Central, and finds that an element, Neutron90 can repel the effects of the zone if woven into suits. Enough of the ultra rare element is gathered to make 5 suits for the elite Zone Rider unit. It’s an amazing show, check it out if you can. Read more on the site my friend Chris runs – and drop a comment if you remember. I’ve got more stories, but I’m going to leave em for comments section.


4 responses to “Earth’s Most Powerful Soldiers Fight the Spiral Zone!

  1. Hmmm….the link you listed doesn’t take me to a review site, it looks like one of those domains that tries to send you to other sites.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Fixed now, and intro added via YouTube. So far I seem to be catching on fast to this blog thing.

  3. You know, this looks like a show I would have watched but I can honestly say that I don’t remember this at all. Guess I’ll have to hit up YouTube and check it out.

  4. Its audience of those who remember it is TINY, primarily because it didn’t get on too many stations, and NEVER went into reruns. Each show was broadcast ONCE in 1987, and after Christmas it was gone. Sad, too, since it’s such an awesome show. The guy who made Babylon 5 wrote the concept.

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