Now my life is about doing, not getting or having.

OK, buckle up.

For a long time, I was a toy collector. I still am, only I just buy 25th Anniversary Joes. Man, I used to have it all. MASK, Robotix, Joes, Transformers, TF Classics, some Marvel, tons of comic books, tons of Star Wars crap. I had probably over 1,000 individual toys. A sprawling basement held them all, and the internet was my playground for finding more and sharing my interests. I loved having all this cool crap from the 80s.

Then, my grandma and dad died, within two years of each other. I guess I can trace it to that point: I realized that what I called the “Somewhere in Time” effect of my 80’s cave was irretrievably broken. It wasn’t gonna be my childhood again, not with half my family gone. So about then I started reconsidering.

We moved to another city for my schooling, and I packaged all this crap up in the biggest U-Haul they could rent me and left a lot back at home, which over three years I picked up and brought to Cowtown, my new city. I then left for a summer and went to “Big Anonymous Air Power Organization”. Ha, my disguises are lame. Anyway, I learned there all I need to live are clothes, some money and a place to stay. Very liberating.

I came home and was almost immediately revolted by the sheer amount of stuff. So I started the great eBay athon – I sold so much I made PowerSeller in three months. Made a good chunk of change and bought some adult stuff – 42″ Plasma TV (1080p), a Wii, Surround sound etc. I’m becoming less materialistic, but I wanted some actual stuff I’d used. Sure M.A.S.K. rocks, but I haven’t played with Condor in years. So now I’ve noticed my collections piss me off. So off they go. Now I keep Masterpiece Optimus Prime, my Joes and a single Rubbermaid tub of my old 80’s toys (Captain Power etc).

I really feel alot better. That and I read everyday. Makes me feel good to get rid of stuff. A simpler life is a better life I think. More to come. I’m thinking of posts on Photon, Lazer Tag, Spiral Zone and a few others. Let me know in the comments what you want to hear. I can continue relating my life story if you want.


9 responses to “Now my life is about doing, not getting or having.

  1. Interesting. I don’t think I’d be able to part with my old toys like that. Hell, a couple of years ago I spent quite a lot of time looking for stuff that I used to own so I could buy it again.

    However, every once in a while I go through my stuff and get rid of the junk I don’t use anymore. I hate keeping things around that don’t get used (unless of course they have extreme sentimental value).

  2. Ya know, I get the same way sometimes. I just sold about $200 worth of clothes and general crap at the Flea Market. It actually feels good to know that stuff that’s worn out its welcome with me will live with someone else who will enjoy it for a few years more.

  3. When I was a kid I loved captain power, I think I still have one of the old tapes here somewhere.
    I think the only toys I have left are my G1 optimus and a sta-puft marshmallow man, I really want a few of those mighty muggs though.

  4. Your a better man than me, I have a hard time getting rid of my toys. I know I’d be better off getting rid of all the crap I no longer use/need but it’s tough to do. Kudos to you for having the will power and determination to do it though.

  5. To be fair, many of them are ones I collected as an adult (ok, nerdy teenager). I am however, selling my original Jetfire this week. For some reason it means nothing to me anymore. I woke up one day, and poof! I didn’t care about it anymore. Weird.

  6. I’m sure you’ll get some serious $$ for that, those things always seem to go for big bucks these days. Makes me wish I still had mine.

  7. A year or two back I’ve realized that my spark for collecting Transformers has dissappeared.

    It’s possibly that the new lines aren’t what they used to be, the Classics line was the last line of figures that I obsessivlely collected (because they’re awesome), and I have very little of the Movie Figures (my leader sized Megatron & Brawl that I got for Xmas sadly remain in their boxes). It may have arrived because I’ve been putting what money I have to other things, like gas, car insurance & food.

    Another theory is that I have almost every figure I’ve ever searched for. G1 Megatron, G1 Jetfire, G1 Astrotrain, G1 Reissue Soundwave, 3 G1 Perceptors of varying . The only ones I’d REALLY want now would be ones like G1 Blaster, a complete G1 Reflector (the 3-figure Camera) a complete G1 Megatron, a complete G1 Shockwave (I have these 2 already, but in bad shape & no accessories), and Classics Megatron. I’ve had this feeling of “What now?”

    Good for you.

  8. Thanks Galileo. I actually had all those toys before the summer – and what I found out was, I wanted to have them, to explore them, transform them and play with them. But once that was over, I was done with them. Even sold G1 Megs, cause honestly, I wasn’t gonna do anything but look at him.

    Also sold Mp-05 Masterpiece Megs, but thats cause as a toy and for durability, he sucked.

  9. Yanno.. I went through (hahah “went” – ahem) some difficult times in 2001 so I quite literally sold everything from my childhood. I mean every single thing otherwise I’d have been calling a Maytag box home. Then more downturns later lead to the same thing (loss of TV, phone, internet, heating…) I don’t really miss any of that stuff but I could see how some people might. Nothing wrong with that.
    I do wonder tho, Terror, how those collectibles make the rounds, you know? If you weren’t the original owner.. who knows WHO had it before you.. then it gets sold over ebay and around and around they go.. ya know? Wild!

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