Well, after standing around a rural Wal-Mart for two hours last night, I dragged myself back home with a WiiFit. I’m super pumped. My evaluation of it to come later on today to this post. Also, Wal-Mart had the latest wave of Joes – snagged Major Bludd and Cartoon Cobra Commander. $14, damn these are getting pricey.

OK, on to the WiiPort. Wii  Fit is an interesting little beast. I do little to stay fit, but am an average size (5′ 9″) and 143 lbs. BMI is about 22 (Body Mass Index – Wii figures it out for you). Aka – a normal person.

I’ve been reading reports Wii Fit isn’t serious enough, won’t do much, is just silly, etc. but my wife wanted it, so dragged myself out to snag it. My verdict?

I’ve played for 32 minutes, and completed all the exercises for today that are unlocked, and in the process completed 3 unlocked new things. Is Wii Fit hard or easy? My answer is squarely in the middle. Lest you think you’ll sail through it, balance is a big issue. I don’t know why this would be good for health, aside from posture which they yammer on about, but it’s a big deal to the Japanese I suppose. The balance stuff is tough for me, but builds muscle.

How hard a work out is it? Not bad! It’s pretty light and won’t make you overly tired. My arms are feeling it a little as I write, but I think its the Yoga and Strength Training. Which brings me to my next point:

Yoga is harder than it looks, builds strength and is low impact – not NO impact. Some of it is a little difficult to do while being balanced. Strength training is where it gets tough. The push up thing may work you hard – it’s a good one though. I got 4 stars on it, probably because on the first day its standards are low.

The exercises and difficulty you can read anywhere, and there’s a blog of a dude in England who measures his progress which I recommend. I’m too lazy to look but google holds what you seek.

So, aside from “Ha ha, I have a new shiny thing and you don’t” why do I write this? For people like me, who have a problem doing exercise in front of others and have a psychological hang up with gym teachers and fitness instructors. It’s probably a childhood thing, but I never felt good enough or coordinated enough for these people, and got used to feeling like a failure of a boy (now man) in their eyes. Due to this, I have a fanatical inward loathing for anyone who enjoys or is good at exercise.

Which, barring my craziness, is why Wii Fit is PERFECT. The instructor is a video game – it’s not harsh, or mean. It can’t make value judgments on you. What it can do, and WELL, is judge your progress or what you are doing wrong because of the balance board. This is worth its weight in gold alone! If you are even thinking of hiring a personal trainer (don’t its stupid expensive), take the $700 I’d have back if I never joined the hoity-toity gym back home (sorry, Health Club) and spend a little on Wii Fit, and some turkey for sandwiches.

Try Wii Fit – I’ll keep up telling you each day what I’ve done, so I have accountability. We can do it together! Lastly, little tip: keep some soft workout clothes for this. You’ll sweat lightly, but Yoga poses SUCK when your clothes have seams. I did Yoga in Khakis, and my leg is irritated from my foot pressing into it along the seam from doing the tree pose.

In the comments, talk about Wii Fit if you like, but especially about experience with personal fitness, be it good or bad. I’m curious what shaped you guys’ perceptions of “working out”.


3 responses to “WiiPort!

  1. I just wish I had a Wii (sigh). I’ll get one soon, there just still pricey right now and I’m working on remodeling the house so, I have to wait a while longer. 😦

  2. I’m with DC as soon as I can afford to get a Wii I’ll look into getting this one.

  3. At least you can find them now, what with a massive shipment that came in for the 1-2 Punch that was Mario Kart & Wii Fit.

    Hell, I just got Mario Kart today, It’ll be a while before I get Wii Fit (if at all)

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