Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Childhood Disappointment

Wow. Well, just got back from Crystal Skull.

Before I rant and rave (which I WON’T do), here’s the deal: no one cares about your opinion, random internet dude (including me). So I won’t cover that. However, two HUGE problems.

You can’t hand people a beloved movie franchise, let them love it for years, make it legend and then hubristically assume that you can reproduce the exact same magic 20 years later. I don’t care HOW good anyone is, or talented. To assume you can do the same thing of ANYTHING two decades later indicates you think more of yourself than you ought to or you don’t have realistic ideas of what you are capable of.

<Stares at George Lucas>
Second: Baby boomers, I’m writing to you, and this is gonna hurt. You WILL die. You WILL grow old. I think we, the internet generation, have a greater grasp on aging and knowing what is going to happen to us by watching the horrible mistakes of a generation trying to not lose its youth. Sorry 67 year old Harrison Ford. You’re great, but, the energy is not there anymore.



4 responses to “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Childhood Disappointment

  1. You know I really want this one to be good but given how bad Lucas screwed up Star Wars I’m ready to be dissapointed. I’m hoping to see it this weekend so I guess we’ll see how I feel then.

  2. This is the trouble these days with modern movies – previously movies had to be good in order to get a big audience. Now they can be crappy and still make a ton of money. Here’s the deal: movies no longer have to be good to make money.


  3. I agree they no longer have to be good to make money. It seems they just have to have a gimmick or a lot of CGI effects. I’m going to wait on watching this as my expectations aren’t too high anyway.

  4. aww, fuck. Thanks for dashing my dreams COLE!
    No, not really. I kind of expect it to be kind of crummy, but I still am gonna see it, just cause I LOVE INDY.
    A shame yes? It is.

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