Well, at 11:32 am Sunday, May 25th (Star Wars!), Tiny Claws was born slightly ahead of schedule.

Normally I know that parents are biased, but I tell you this with absolute clarity of mind: cutest. baby. ever. I’ll post pics soon when I get electronic versions. Like the genius I am, I packed 4 bags for the trip and forgot the HD Camcorder’s cord that hooks up to the MacBook. doh! So, she’s here, and totally awesome.

For my XE friends, it’s like going to the grocery store, Ecto Cooler is there, you meet Bill Cosby eating Pudding Pops, they bring back Giggles cookies, and you have some TMNT pudding pies while you buy deadstock G.I. Joes mint on card from 1983 and then Matt is there.

Plus more awesome. She’s tiny and cool – real laid back, and easy to understand. “Wahh” means

A. I have poo’ed myself. Change me.

B. I am hungry.

So far, this is a breeze. It will change I’m sure, but oddly enough, and not to sound like a punk, but honestly almost nothing in life has proven itself to be as hard as I think it will be. I think parenting’s going to be awesome – not easy, but awesome. It’s just a great feeling to know and love this tiny little person who depends on us totally. Everyone keeps saying “Oh, your life is gonna change so much” etc. etc.

Yes: now it will kick more ass than EVER BEFORE.

And second, yes, we snagged a new Suzuki SX4 2008, which is crazy sweet. I’ve never (read that again: never) had a new car, and this one is awesome. A timing chain so the belt doesn’t have to be replaced, all disc brakes, AWD, the thing is manufactured from solid WIN. It’s dark blue and fun to drive, and hyper roomy with a short nose, which compared to my old battleship is going to be much easier to park at Target on toy runs.

In the continuing saga of “get stuff that an adult would have”, I’ve been upgrading all my crap that was just “good enough” to actual reasonable levels. My old cell phone SUCKS. It drops calls, the voicemail is by some serial killer (“Leave a message, or I kill this puppy”), I can never get messages, I don’t know how to text, etc.

It’s a Net 10, and heres’ the thing: as a company, they are AWESOME. Good price, great deal. My wife’s phone is the R0XX0RZ. But mine blows. So I snagged a new one with 900 minutes built in and a flip phone so it quits calling people from my pocket. I hate that crap. So in 3 days, awesome new phone. It’s weird, it’s like my crappy graduate school life is being wiped out in a yuppie tidal wave, and my formerly junky existence will be washed away replaced by a middle class version of me called “Daddy” by the world’s cutest little girl.

Changes are tough, but interesting. I think I need some Jell-o Pudding Pops.


6 responses to “Woah.

  1. Wow, Congratulations!
    having you describe it like that makes me want to have kids of my own to share my geeky obsessions.

  2. Straight from X-E, had to say congrats. I left a comment there, but I had to say it again. I think it’s awesome that you are Daddy Claws!!! CONGRATS!!! So, wishing Tiny all the best, Aaron.

  3. Thanks again all. Super cute pictures to come – especially when I get tiny superhero outfits for her! 🙂

  4. Congrats agan to you and Mrs. TCC. And how cool is it that Tiny Claws was born on the anniversary of Star Wars? Can’t wait to see pics of the little one dressed up in her superhero best! 😉

  5. TCC!!! Cannot wait to see the pics of tiny claws.

    I too saw Indy 4 this weekend….you have to admit, for 67…H-Ford does a hell of a job being all macho and tough…..the end was cheesy kinda, but I had a giant goofy grin on my face the whole time, and ducking and dodging along with the on screen people in the story. I felt like I was there with them…

  6. Congrats! I’m sure she is very cute!

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