Tuesday Morning, 7 am.

Cheers to those of you who can spot the mangled Simon and Garfunkel reference there before reading this line. We’re still in the hospital and supposed to be able to leave today. Aside from my offspring, the best part has been room service. Sure the food is just OK, but brought to you by someone who takes your order on the phone is tEh awesom3. Here at  last in this post is a pic of Tiny Claws herself.  Thunder Punch and I are doing just great. Can’t wait to get home though!

Tiny Claws!

Not sure what we’re gonna do when we get there, but I’m sure it will involve: babies, boobs, sleep. Pretty sure that’s the sum total of baby existence. I’m gonna think of something fun and 80’s related for later on after breakfast.

A hint? Ohhh yeaahhh it’s gonna be awesome.


7 responses to “Tuesday Morning, 7 am.

  1. She’s beautiful! Congrats! I’m sure it will be great to get home!!

  2. She’sAdorable, you must be one proud papa
    I assuming the blanket is coverning up her tiny claws of terror.
    or in her case would it be tiny claws of cuteness?

  3. By the way, click on my name on this post for some baby waking instructions. Without that I may have been lost if I chose to have a kid. 🙂

  4. Sorry, link didn’t work…Doh! 😦

  5. I can tell already she’s gonna grow up to be a little heartbreaker! She’s a beautiful little girl, congrats again!

  6. Ya know, bizarrely enough she had some pretty sharp nails. We’ve cut them since, but wow, apropos name.

  7. Wow, she’s beautiful. Congrats to you and yours.

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