The Consumerist.

I hate to admit this, I really do.

God I love buying appliances. Especially things for the home that are useful, but also elevate one’s status into “serious consumer” territory. My Plasma TV was my first big taste of it. Came with a “Panasonic Elite Service” card, that was a trip. I know I shouldn’t let companies make me feel important, but I love it. Surround sound system was neat too, but not the same rush. Which brings me up to date.

A week or so ago, we wandered into Dillards looking for a new toaster, and there was an Empire Red Kitchenaid Toaster, half price! (Thunder Punch is seriously into red kitchenaid – mixer, knife set, containers, kitchen island, mitts, measuring cups, sponge holder etc). Man what a kick! High quality goods at a good price. I swear, it made me high for a couple days. I love things that will last, are high quality, and are fashionable but timeless. Well, that was a good hit, but of course, gotta keep it coming.

So, as TP (Thunder punch from here on out) was getting ready to bed down for the night a week ago, I pulled the trigger on a new Net10 Phone. Best phone service ever – crazy cheap, allows me to use only what I pay for with no surprises and an average monthly bill of $30 for TWO phones, and I never run out of minutes. My old Nokia 1100 had gotten crappy about a year back, and I needed a new one. FInally pulled the trigger cause we need to stay in touch better now. Right as I clicked “buy”, TP’s water broke. Perfect timing eh?

Well, it finally showed today and I spent the day programming it and trying to program the old theme from Macross into it. No go. But overall a real step up from before. It’s a Motorola v176. I don’t take pics of things, so no camera phone is necessary. Best part? Bought it refurbished from their website for $60, which included a 600 minute card, plus 300 minutes on activation. I pretty much got a free phone, some free airtime and paid for two months service. Nice. But that’s not the killer – cell phones are neat, but they don’t inspire the sheer “department store rush” I need. No, that occurred today when this bad boy showed up, thanks to DHL.

The original Dyson vacuum cleaner, the DC07. As usual, got a fantastic deal on it on Memorial Day, but man the rush from this one was huge. We live in a rented towhouse/duplex and using my grandmother’s old 1959 Kirby was not doing the job. Now that I have a kid, things have to be upgraded: new car, new toaster, new cell phone, new Vacuum!! All these things are bought to enhance my kid’s existence (and to not burn the place down). It’s nice to get nice new things and have a good reason too. I know this Dyson is a touch on the older side, but the cyclonic tech is the same all over. It appears identical to the Animal version of the DC07 that a friend of mine paid over $500 for. Plus its kind of neat that its the first of its kind, a collector item if you will. Anyhow, DHL dropped it off, and I can say, I’ve NEVER been so happy to vacuum! HEPA filtration, brand new plastic smell, and 4.9 ounces (yes I measured. On a scale. Yes. I am a cleaning nerd.) of dirt removed! It did SUCH a nice job on the carpets – pulling up carpet dust (the kind to make it smell better) that we’d put down months ago the Kirby couldn’t reach.

Man what a rush. I can’t wait for next week when I can vacuum again. It’s that much fun to make the house all nice and smelling good. Now at this point, if you’ve read my blog, you know I led off with a whole diatribe about how I am about doing not things now. This is still true. Before, my aimless lust for crap would lead me to a stuffed house full of useless things. Now I can channel my urge for cool stuff into useful things like vacuums and toasters and what not. I gotta say, it’s fun to buy a Dyson – but it’s even more fun to make a purchase and think “I’m buying a cleaner house.” That feels even better than the cool graphic design of the box and brochure.

But only a little.


7 responses to “The Consumerist.

  1. Wow, you’re actually blogging about stuff that is for honest, active adults! I know I’ll be on that way soon.

    Please kill me now.

  2. your excitement is contagious! i totally want a dyson vacuum cleaner right now–and i’ve never even seen one!

    when i think of all the pet dander and carpet sprinkles that are probably embedded in my economical berber carpet i just want to gag.

    do i need to get a baby so i can justify a new vacuum?

  3. I definitley need a vaccuum….but one that has a steam cleaning function as well. My grandma bought a shiny black kitchenaid toaster a couple months ago….its purty.

  4. HI! I found you through another blog…and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading yours.

  5. Thanks! Love new readers. I’m surprised I’ve found an audience, as infrequently as this thing is updated.

  6. Bargain hunting is one of my favorite things to do. You have to wait a while sometimes but it’s oh so worth it. I think it’s one of the most valuable skills you can pass on to your children. See little one? This is called a coupon! Yes it is! Yes it is!! 😀

  7. If I get a new vacuum cleaner, I want it to be a Dyson Ball. But those things are ultra-expensive. So I don’t see one for me in the near future. 😦

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