Man, I love Sears.

I love Sears.

Not words you hear too often these days. But I do, I really do. I think their good will comes from my days buying G.I. Joes with my Grandma (mentioned in my last post). Also, anything in our homes that bore a Sears logo tended to last and last through the years. Add in my obsession with their catalog coming out each winter, and you’ve got a recipe for a lifelong love.

When I was in college, I decided to fulfill one of my little ideas I’d had for awhile, to work at Sears & Roebuck. I was hired as a computer salesman, and I must say, the people there were for the most part, dynamite folks. Really nice, and the training was excellent, top notch. Good videos on how to sell, evaluate your customers and determine their needs. Of course, I was the only one who seemed to pay attention to these materials, but it made me a good salesman and I enjoyed the work. The checks were great too – even though we sold crappy Compaqs, I sold the heck out of em, and in December each check was like standing around collecting money as fast as you could. We worked on commission, and life was good.

After the holidays I quit so I could take my stash and live off it till college ended, which was a great idea I think. Since then, I try to shop there when I can. Here’s a little sample of what they’ve provided me in the past year:

With rebates, a 42″ Plasma TV from Panasonic before Thanksgiving last year – $900. Yes, 1080p.

HD Camcorder from Panasonic (price matched conveniently to Best Buy) $800 (including tax and SDHC card)

A weight bench and set with 100 lbs of vinyl weights, $80.

Two battery chargers with AA batteries, $5 each.

Then there’s the usual odds and ends. It’s really an ideal place to shop, as no one else goes there. I won’t lie, I miss the “Sears Tele-games” console from the early 80s, and Mom buying me Garanimals clothes and new clothes for school. But should Sears survive, my little TinyClaws will continue to go with me to that most American of department stores. They might not be the best, or have everything, but I know they’ll price match anything, and their service (if you get someone on commission) is still pretty top notch.

I sincerely doubt anyone else has the love for Sears I do, but there ya go. Comments? Any stores you find yourself attached to for no reason?


10 responses to “Man, I love Sears.

  1. Actually my Sears memories are alot like yours, Hitting up the place with my grandmother whenever I could,
    I got a flatscreen this Christmas but before that I had a sharp that my brother gave me.
    It was givin to him by my grandfather who had bought it at sears in 1992.

  2. So I pop by to check out your new Star Wars post and its no where to be found!
    Whats going on here??! 😛

  3. Thanks for the heads up. It was left unpublished for some reason..fixed now.

  4. We used to go to Sears when I was younger, that and The Broadway, which we had here. But, the Sears around here aren’t so great anymore. Not sure why. Maybe because they have to compete with Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. The Sears around here just don’t have much selection. Wish it was as good as the one you went to.

  5. any article starting up w/ a Sears trip with Grandma nostalgia line is aces in my book.. – i only shopped with mine a couple times, but i do remember her buying me a Freddy Kruger yo-yo.. – if you ever got some spare time, check out my site, we’re both X-E fans and you may dig some of the content i’ve got up.. – be well!

  6. Why I love Sears:

    Going to visit Sears is like walking through a time warp. (Especially if you visit a rundown stand alone store as opposed to one in a Mall. There are so many things there that one could have bought in 1973 or 1986, seriously, it;’s the same stuff.

  7. Yep…All those great memories of Sears! That was when they cared about the customer! Isn’t the satisfaction of your customers what keeps the company alive ? Sears is just hanging on by a thread, no different than Gemco/Fedco/Marshall/Robertson’s May/Harris et… etc… etc… They stopped caring. Today’s Sears…. service is beyond disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Daniel Wagner

    Katy T,

    I don’t even know what you mean by that–are you saying other retailers give you better service? Honestly Sears is the only retailer that greets me and has polite employees…I feel Sears gets an unfair perception. It’s almost the American public assumes the worst from Wal Mart, JC Penny and other retailers but excepts Sears to throw cash in their face and rose pedals…I don’t have ridiculous expectations.

    I love my Sears.

  9. Daniel Wagner

    And I will also say this–as one who has a background in Marketing. Sears has the BEST brand selection in Lawn and Garden–I mean Craftsman and Husky is enough! Black and Decker is a laugh riot of a brand in Lawn and Garden or Tools–it amazes me how Lowe’s and Home Depot even get shopped at all for anything but tiling and what Sears does not have. Toro is a joke. I just quite don’t understand what is wrong with people. Sears employees like this young man who spent a half hour teaching me everything on my Husky Self Propelled mower–he was polite and everything. My Sears store is packed–so they are doing something right. I just love the brands and way they present their Lawn and Garden and Tools. You go to Lowes and Home Depot it looks like a warehouse and their employees know nothing! Yet why do I never hear anybody whine about them but I hear constantly haters of Sears? I’m lost. I hear constantly people in Home Depot and Lowe’s complain about their service and I go often cause I am the tiling business (wish Sears sold tiles). I always tell them go to Sears and no joke had two call me up and give me business and say hey you were write I loved Sears! I just don’t get it but Sears I will always refer as much people to you. I don’t get the haters of you–I think they are picking on you like a kid in high school but I have your back. My mom and grand parents did and so do I. I will literally be sad if you ever leave me.

    Loyal Sears Customer.

    • I am right there with, I just went there the other day. I was able to pick up some really nice shirts at reasonable prices and the service was excellent. My family has always been loyal to Sears and I will follow suit, I too will be sad if they ever leave. I love Sears!

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