Existential Angst 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey all.

Remember my post about how I’m not about owning stuff, but doing?

Yeah, still working that out. You know whats perfect to do that? Moving.

Yes, moving, scourge of the universe. At one point in time, I owned literally thousands of toys, so I’ve cut down a TON. I went through multiple months of selling like crazy on eBay. Mostly I ditched my old stuff and bought useful adult things (new laptop, TV, stereo, Dyson vacuum cleaner). Now however, I’m left with the slightly less than valuable stuff. Sure people would line up to bid on Commander Courage from Spiral Zone, but who wants my old Robotech comics? Too old and worth something to just toss em out. So, I’ve put stuff too valuable to goodwill up on eBay. If I make ANY money at all, it’s worth it, so that’s cool.

Now all this you’ve heard before from tons of people. But here’s where it’s getting annoying.

I own tons of stuff that is worth money, is useful, but that I will NEVER use. I own an antique silver swiss made stopwatch. Beautiful stopwatch – worth money. But what do I EVER time with a stopwatch? I’ve also got a (fascinating) book on the rise and fall of the British empire. Now I love British Colonialism as a time period, but will I ever read it past a few pages?

Well, to cut it short, here’s the deal: I apparently own a lot of stuff to impress other people. What I own is fancy and impressive. Looking at my bookshelves, you might be impressed. You’d see my silver plated finery and say “Wow, you are one sophisticated dude” (or not, I’m working on a point, not being conceited).

I’m not. That’s the problem – I realize now all this crap is to impress others and frankly, it’s just a lot of trouble to keep this crap knocking around here and boxing it up to move it somewhere where no one uses it still. So I’m hoping the eBay thing works out. I need money. Now you might have seen me talk a lot about how much I spent. That’s why I need money! We’re not in debt (other than student loans and car loan). But we’re moving, which is expensive, and we’re gonna be in between jobs for a bit anyway. So I can’t just give this stuff away.

I’ve been giving things away that ARE worth something, but mostly to friends who would appreciate it. But most of my friends aren’t nerds or snobs, so there’s a limited market for this stuff.

I think if we (particularly me) would get honest with ourselves about what we own and WHY, we’d live easier lives. I’m having to trim down my crap I never use because if I don’t, I gotta lug it all somewhere new where it won’t do anything. It’s time to admit that the silver teapot might not be who I am, and that the repro Skeletor figure is more fun to have on a shelf.

Balance. That’s the key. And getting rid of a whole lot of $h1t.

OK, fun post next time I promise. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog on my love of Cherry flavored colas. Ooh, and gum. Cola flavored gum is awesome too. Mmm.


2 responses to “Existential Angst 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. My rule is, “If it hasn’t been used in a year, ditch it.” It’s been working out pretty well so far. I’ve also started being more careful with what I buy in the first place. It’s why I take so long shopping for things. I sit there and ask myself, “Do I really need this? Is it going to be of any future use to me?”

    However, I consider DVDs, toys, and books an investment of sorts, since I can keep all of those things for my future kids. That’s not to say that I buy all the ones I come across though. XD

  2. i have lots of crap too, but none of it is worth anything. 😦

    i go to goodwill a couple times every month, but i bring home more than i drop off. what can i say…i love a bargain.

    when i want to buy something at a real store, i convert the price to how many hours i have to work to earn the money to pay for whatever it is i’m wanting. very rarely worth it.

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