I LIIIIIVE! Or, Hobbies for Nerds.

Yes, I am still alive. I am off with the “Large Air Organization” that fights wars and stuff. I’ll be home in two weeks.

As usual, I’ve had a life changing idea. I do highly recommend the military for changing your mind about what is important in life – everytime I go train, I learn something about myself well beyond leadership. So here’s whats up this time.

My hobbies are for nerds. I know I’m a nerd (who else uses Urusei Yatsura characters from the early 80’s as an avatar?), but my website hobby boards have made me realize: man, I waste a lot of time on some stupid, stupid crap.

A couple examples:

1. The Replica Prop Forum. I used to have such admiration for the artisans who made replica movie props like lightsabers, grail diaries and Indiana Jones stuff. It was so cool! And yes, it still is. But when you get down to it, it’s people paying hundreds, if not thousands, for useless junk that looks cool. Frankly, I can’t take it anymore. I value my money and time more than this. Plus theres like a million posts a day to check up on. What a waste. I don’t want to die knowing I spent hours on this thing studying useless crap.

I know it’s gonna sound bad, but I’ve outgrown it.

2. Slashdot.

I used to tell myself I’d keep up on vital news there. Yeah, that was a lie. Pretty much it’s a waste of time.

3. Indiana Jones Forums.

Wow, did I REALLY spend that much time and money dressing up like Indiana Jones?

My hobbies are doofy I know. I’m dropping the dumber ones. I’ve got a life to live here. It’s time to get back to it. Once I get home, it’s time to ditch more useless crap, eBay some more and get down to basics.

Sometimes one realizes that you aren’t necessarily doing bad things, they’re just not as good as they could be.

8 responses to “I LIIIIIVE! Or, Hobbies for Nerds.

  1. Great to see you back around here!

    I agree that sometimes we do outgrow things and there is nothing wrong with that! Our priorities change and we have to adjust to that.

  2. Yeah pretty much what DC said. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath , sit down and take stock of whats REALLY important to you. Great entry btw. =)

  3. I’ve been there before. I found the dollar dvd section at Wal-mart once and I found something that was laughly bad. So I started buying every 1 dollar dvd I could find with the intention of watching them all with my friends and making fun of them. Even though they only cost a dollar, I was buying 15-20 at a time and never watching any of them.

    Finally, one time I went to the check out line with like, 43 dollars worth of 1 dollar DVDs and the cashier just gave me a look of pity that made me realize how stupid this was. He scanned each and everyone of them and I went through with the purchase but only to teach myself a lesson.

  4. Great to have you back, TCC! Welcome Back…your dreams were your ticket out…

    Anyway, Fark is 50 times better than Slashdot in every way. And even that I don’t check as obsessively anymore. 😦

  5. Some hobbies you don’t HAVE to give up, you just have to remember MODERATION is the KEY! As long as a hobby doesn’t become your ENTIRE reason for being, then yur all right. =)

  6. i used to check fark obsessively all day long, and then the feeling just kind of passed. i realized how much time i was spending reading the comments of a bunch of a-holes and how much i was letting them affect me.

    that’s why x-e is still okay in my book. if it starts to get that way, we put the hammer down.

    i think my lamest hobby was when i was about 15, i started collecting anything elmo related. it started before he was all that, and it got to a point where i couldnt keep up once the merch was flowing.

    one day, i just boxed it all up and dumped it at goodwill.

  7. Ultraman –

    Yes, I agree. Which is why I still collect G.I. Joes. But for the most part, I am speaking of hobbies you have which all of a sudden become unmasked as being dumb/expensive or worthless.

    Nice to see returning visitors – appreciate the comments after the long dry spell.

  8. Terror Claws
    Oh I know that’s what you were talkin about. I agree too. A hobby that you suddenly realize is taking up too much of your time and money, and is flat out not that interesting to you anymore, should be dropped. I mean why spend that much time and money on something your not that into anymore? Some hobbies though you just NEVER get tired of. lol.

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