The Ultimate Post

One of the reasons I love to read other X-E’ers blogs is because they seem to go through the seasons of the soul I do. Case in point? Dohopoki’s long winter of discontent with his blog. Now up and running with more awesome than ever, the drought is over.

Myself, what do I add to this thing? Well, I was gone for a month on a tour of various military bases and now I’m back. I’m in between jobs, since the Large Air Organization is a part time gig. Now Thunder Punch, Tiny Claws and I are living with my mom, Sorceress. Not an ideal arrangement, as the room we’re all in is the size of a shoebox, and my old room was barely adequate for me and my crap back in adolescence. Now all my worldly goods are in storage (expensive storage!), and I’m back to eBaying for a living till I get a jobby job. Number one desire right now is my own house and space back. Blogging is nice, but only when you have time and energy to do it on your own terms. I miss XE big time since my visits there (and here) are brief. Plus nostalgia can move you to re-experience old things, but when all those things are packed, its kinda sucky. W have got to move before Halloween – I refuse to not decorate my own space for Halloween, and Christmas is a must have also. We’re also using my giant plasma in the front room, so Wii Fit is akward to use, since everyone is always watching my TV.

In short, it sucks. AND, this morning, I had a great idea of my post of ultimateness that I was gonna put up, but my baby woke me up by waahhing because she lost her paci. Yarrgh.

In other news, I’ve been hooked on the Olympics. Here’s a downside of getting old: while I enjoy watching the ladies events (diving, gymnastics), I get the feeling seeing all these babes in tiny outfits should really be er, interesting, but instead I feel how lazy and out of shape I am by watching them. When did I get so old that I get mad at people in better shape? The only person in good shape I have no malice towards now is Bill from XE, cause I know he hangs out with us too, even though he runs, etc.

So, now my main focus for the next week is going to be: Going to the LAO for another week, blogging, and then mining crap out of my storage unit to sell/give away/support my massive bills.

Lastly, I apologize that this was not the super sweet awesome post in my dream this morning.

In the comments: what do you want to read about next? XE? Old cartoons? Life changes? Storage units?

9 responses to “The Ultimate Post

  1. I’d vote for either old cartoons or a post about your excursion into the deep dark depths of your storage unit and the things you find inside that you forgot were in there. But that’s just my suggestion.

  2. I too vote for the storgae unit! Nice to hear from ya Terror Claws! I wouldv’e siad hey on the X-E blog, but for some reason Matts spam filter is blockin me, AGAIN! LOL. Anyway great entry as always.

  3. What’s even weirder is the comment you made about your new blog post is apparently considered spam too! It was there one minute and now it’s gone!

  4. Dan, Matt’s spam filter can be annoyingat times. lol. I just e-mail Matt when it blocks me. =)

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to add the storage unit story tonight or tomorrow, depending on boredom.

  6. Just add it whenever. No hurry. I’m curious to know what kind of stuff youv’e got in there.

  7. Glad I could help TC.
    I guess I’ve been pretty lucky, I haven’t gotten caught in it (yet).

  8. Nor have I.
    Great to hear from you TC.
    And I was wondering about you too ULTRAMAN.

    I’d like to hear about your excursion into your storage locker myself.

  9. I’m a case in point, I’m a case in point, I’m a case in a point! La la la la la la

    I’ve fallen out of my Olympics obsession over the last couple days. Hopefully the spark comes back today.

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