Why We Blog: A Film by Frank Capra

When I first started this thing, it struck me as moronic. Who the hell wants to read what rattles on in my head?

I’ve been thinking of that lately. It turns out, a few people. But why? Because, on some level, this might be one of the most direct forms of communication independent of meatspace barriers.

How so? Here there is no race, no short, no tall. Relatively few pictures. No shorthand can convey an idea that is misinterpreted – everything must be written out specifically to convey what we mean, with no shortcuts. I think in blogging more comes across about who we really are than in some everyday conversations. Here, no one interrupts you, you just go for it. I like that a lot. In reflection about my blog reading, it’s helped me learn more about people I like very much, based on who they are in print. I’m far more interested in real people, even if I just read their inner thoughts here on the web than in sports scores, or some other junk. Just a little disclaimer before I launch into my “Everything I own in a box” post.

2 responses to “Why We Blog: A Film by Frank Capra

  1. Yeah, I think that’s why I like readin blogs too. Oh , and just so you know, I think the stuff you write about is pretty interesting. Your pretty much like me in your interests and hobbies. Great minds think alike as they say. =)

  2. I’m with you TC. There’s something about reading a person’s writing that gives you an insight into that person. And like Ultraman said your interests and hobbies are very similar to mine so I’m alway s interested in reading your stuff.

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